Head of Finance and Regulation – ANZ


As an experienced FSR industry professional you will know how to develop and execute a go-to-market plan, becoming the ‘market maker’ for the segment. You will be seen as an industry leader, holding credibility with the customer base as you bring a deep understanding of the challenges faced within the sector. You should have a demonstrated ability to think strategically about the mission, solutions, and technical challenges, with the ability to build and convey compelling value propositions. You will establish deep business and technical relationships through your knowledge of the customer’s mission and their environments. The ideal candidate will possess both a business background that enables them to drive an engagement and interact at the CXO level, as well as a technical background that enables them to easily interact with software developers and architects at a high level. You will work closely with AWS Solutions Architects and AWS Professional Services teams to develop and promote cloud best-practices. And you will work closely with the AWS product and services teams to help evolve AWS offerings for more rapid enterprise adoption while addressing issues, concerns, and requests from the field.

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