Global Head of Enterprise Risk Management


We’re looking for an accomplished senior leader who is deeply experienced in risk management and technology to further develop a Stripe-wide approach to managing risk globally and ensure that we have a strong risk culture. In this role, you will partner with senior leaders right across Stripe and help our business to understand, measure, and navigate risks to protect Stripe, our users, and our ecosystem. We appreciate that growing the GDP of the internet requires leaps into the unknown or untested and being risk-forward – but also taking measured and deliberate risks that are aligned with our business objectives and risk appetite. You will help to strategically oversee risks, and risk-mitigating controls, to enable our products to develop and scale in a risk-aware manner and manage emerging threats and disruptions to our business. You will draw on your deep expertise to lead an Enterprise Risk Management pillar as part of an established and developing second line at Stripe.

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