Facilities Construction Permitting Coordinator

Blue Origin

Obtain/log documents from Engineers, Architects, Contractors, and various Vendors to coordinate the permit application process
Confirm/track all required approvals for permits and act as liaison between the company and each agency throughout the entire permitting process
Prepare and submit application status to various agencies, partners/stakeholders, boards having jurisdiction over required permits and/or approvals
Review applications/packages issued out of the Facilities Engineering/Construction team along with all supporting documents for accuracy and confirm that all start packages are complete
Coordinate paperwork and applications with outside consultants/contractors as necessary
Work closely with the agencies on the status of permits and ensure they are processed in a timely manner
Produce and maintain schedules for all projects and coordinate with regulatory agencies from permit approval to final stages (CO) of permitting process
Enter, maintain and update permitting data daily
Print and prepare template packages for Facilities Engineering/Construction team
Verify inspections are completed and conditions resolved to obtain Certificate of Occupancies for closing
Maintain all company files relating to site plan applications, product approvals, licenses and permits
Communicate regularly with the Facilities Engineering/Construction to help troubleshoot and resolve issues that may arise in the field to ensure closings are met

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