Executive Director, Oncology Research


This is an exceptional opportunity for a talented, motivated and proven leader to advance our current preclinical portfolio and shape how we use Moderna’s technology for immune-mediated cancer treatments of the near future. We have advanced 5 Development Candidates into Clinical Development and the new Executive Director will help bring the next wave(s) of impactful mRNA-based experimental medicines to cancer patients. She/he/they will focus on discovery and preclinical development of new cancer therapies with Oncology Research team members as well as representatives from multiple functions across the company. Applicants should have experience driving discovery efforts from lead identification/optimization through to IND-filing, yielding promising clinical candidates. The successful candidate must be an outstanding and rigorous scientist, an extremely effective leader, a great team player, exemplary communicator, and thrive in a fast-paced/results-oriented environment managing several projects.

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