Director, Software Engineering


GitHub is changing the way the world builds software, and we want you to help build GitHub! We’re looking for an experienced Director of Engineering to join the Platform and Enterprise organization and lead the infrastructure teams.

GitHub is a company at the center of software, where projects are developed, orchestrated, and deployed. GitHub infrastructure is critical to our customers in the way the power grid is critical to the manufacturing industry. Our customers depend on GitHub as a central workspace where they develop solutions for their own customers.

The reward for this important role is a unique impact on creativity within the software development universe. With it comes the responsibility to view ourselves as the world’s production environment. One that needs to be as reliable as the power grid.

This role will be involved in the design, rollout and support of highly performant, highly scalable, and highly available services and infrastructure across GitHub datacenters and cloud providers. This team provides the platform for internal engineering teams to build GitHub itself.

We pride ourselves on being thoughtful, intentional, and productive. We hope you do as well.

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