Director, Secure Access Engineering


GitHub is changing the way the world builds software and we want you to help secure GitHub. We’re looking for an experienced director to lead a vibrant and geographically distributed group of engineers as they protect the home of all developers. This role is not about dictating or managing a team member’s work directly, but rather guiding and serving to ensure the happiness and productivity of the entire team. The primary goal of this job is to enable each team to do the best work of their lives. You will advocate for them and continue to hire a diverse group of incredibly talented people.

As a director, you will lead engineering managers and individual contributors in key roles across our secure access engineering (SAE) portfolio. This team enables and supports secure access to GitHub’s internal infrastructure and to the data stored therein. You will be accountable for operational excellence, systems maturity, and maintainability of systems under your purview, including but not limited to: identity and access management (IAM) software tools and paved paths for IAM-related requests; systems and processes of record that provide access to internal GitHub infrastructure; and systems and processes of record that maintain and operate secrets. This position has a leadership role in defining how GitHub uses GitHub to secure GitHub.

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