Chief Administrative Officer

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) oversees the Division of Standards operational and administrative team, including fiscal oversight, budget and accounting, human resources and staff development, information technology and security, facilities, and vendor management and procurement.

The CAO is responsible for staffing, recruitment, hiring, training and development, performance management and employee relations, payroll and expenses, and other human resources and operational oversight. S/he works with agency managers to identify staffing and development needs, address employee relations matters, develop, implement and update policies and procedures, and ensure the efficient processing of human resources operational functions (attendance and payroll).

The CAO is further responsible for fiscal considerations, budget and accounting, information technology and security, facilities, vendor management and procurement in conjunction with the centralized services at the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation.S/he serves as the agency’s Chief Fiscal Officer, Internal Control Officer, MMARS Liaison, and Primary Designated Security Officer. At the discretion of the Commissioner of the Division of Standards, the CAO may also be assigned Department Head Signatory Authority.

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