Business Development Executive (Southland)


This role is not at all like other sales roles in Agri and this product is not comparable to other products or services. You will pioneer the most groundbreaking innovation in dairy farming in decades.

Farmers with Halter are pioneering a new way of dairy farming. We have unlocked the connection between farmers and their cows, and in doing so, transformed the way farmers operate. By automating cow movements and providing 24/7 cow monitoring, Halter has removed many of the barriers farmers face on a day-to-day basis. Halter farmers don’t need to get up at 4 am to get the cows in, put up a fence, find sick cows, or detect heats… with Halter, they can do all of this automatically and more proactively through the Halter App. They can schedule their mobs to meet them at the dairy for milking, run as many mobs as they want, and be alerted to cows with early signs of illness. Break fencing and allocating feed used to take 20 minutes, now it takes 10 seconds and is extremely precise. Welcome to farming with Halter!

We are searching for a driven and high-performing Business Development Executive to grow Halter in the Southland market. This is an opportunity to positively disrupt an industry and pioneer groundbreaking change on some of the world’s highest-performing dairy farms. You will be leading the Southland expansion for one of the world’s fastest-growing companies by helping equip farms with world-first Halter technology that will transform the way they farm to become leaders in productivity and sustainability. You will be backed by a team of exceptional people on the ground and at Halter’s Auckland HQ, to ensure this is the best job you’ll ever have.

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