Associate Legal Counsel (Legal Operations and Innovation)


Provide legal advice during the implementation and optimization of internal processes and technology
Handle template and policy updates
Identify legal processes that can be automated, work closely with the technical team on automating the selected processes and ensuring that the processes are legally compliant with applicable rules and regulations
Understand the activity and the scope of each legal team so as to take the lead and help design a strategic roadmap that addresses process changes, technology adoption, legal compliance and internal/external collaboration to improve the day-to-day efficiency and effectiveness of the legal team, their business stakeholders
Help map the existing know-how channels used by legal team and other teams in UiPath and identify best knowledge sharing processes and tools, ensure full transparency and easy handling of know-how within the legal team and sharing with their business stakeholders and also constantly updating the resources and the content
Learn about legal technology and how to implement it in a legal team while also being familiarized with the activity and challenges of an in-house legal professional
Participate in review and procurement of technology addressing legal issues and processes, including with legal review of associated legal documentation, terms and conditions etc.

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