Associate Fintech Director (Fintech Facilitation Office)

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Work closely with various teams within the HKMA, including payment policy, legal, compliance, risk management, and technology, to assess and develop legal frameworks for Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and other innovative projects. Provide proactive legal guidance throughout the project lifecycle
Conduct thorough research and analysis on the ever-evolving legal and regulatory landscape of the fintech industry, and identify potential legal and governance issues relevant to CBDC and other innovative projects and provide actionable recommendations
Prepare and review a wide range of legal documents, contracts, and agreements required for CBDC and other innovative projects, such as rulebook, licensing agreements, partnership agreements, terms of service, privacy policies, and intellectual property agreements. Ensure these documents align with HKMA’s policies, legal requirements and industry standards
Lead the development of CBDC and other fintech initiatives. Provide support on project management, promotion and policy development

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