Inquiry into Australia’s Handling of the COVID-19 Pandemic

An independent review of Australia’s response to COVID19 has noted, “The Australian Government should have made it easier for citizens and permanent residents to return to Australia during the pandemic.” With thanks to all members who shared their perspective, Advance’s submission to the review highlighted the outsized impact of the pandemic on overseas Australians and their families. 

The independent review into the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic was undertaken by an independent panel, led by Peter Shergold AC, and funded by the Minderoo Foundation, the Paul Ramsay Foundation and the John and Myriam Wylie Foundation. It asked four questions:

  1. What impact did the pandemic have on you and your community?
  2. What worked well, and what didn’t work well, in governments’ policy responses to reduce the impact of the pandemic on you and your community?
  3. What should be done now to better prepare for the next health crisis?
  4. What other issues would you like to raise with the Panel?

The report by the panel was released in October 2022.

Further Reading: Final Report here from the Senate Select Committee on COVID19, April 2022.