Global Australian Awards: Global Talent Award

Since 2022, the Global Australian Awards recognise the contribution of talented migrants who are supporting Australia’s future-facing economic recovery and growth.

Australia is richer for international collaborations – through individuals who move here and those who study here. Being raised in a different country, a different culture, and a different education system, brings a unique perspective that can lead to breakthroughs.

The Award for Australian Global Talent recognises highly accomplished individuals who have moved to Australia in the last 10 years, become Australian citizens, and are having a positive and significant impact in future-focused industries. We are fortunate these innovators and professionals chose to call Australia home. They are tackling a wide range of issues for the benefit of Australians and the rest of the world.

The Australian Global Talent Award celebrates the achievements of talented global citizens who have migrated to Australia, as they are an inspiration to others. Do you know anyone whose work deserves to be recognised? Nominations for 2023 are open until March 20th! You can find more info and make your submission here.

GameChangers in this category are experts in sustainability, science and healthcare. Meet our Global Talent GameChangers and get to know the difference they make in the world.
Our Frequently Asked Questions are here to help answer any questions you may have about the nomination process and the selection criteria for this award.