Global Australian Awards: Alumni Award

Each year the Global Australian Awards recognise the incredible achievements of international graduates of Australian Universities, who have leveraged their Australian education to achieve success and impact on a global scale.

There are over 2 million international graduates of Australian universities living around the world. These are talented individuals who have studied in Australia for a period of time and then returned back to their home country with a tertiary education.

Whichever country they now reside in, these graduates gained an educational qualification in Australia, and continue to represent Australia at some level throughout the rest of their careers. Wherever they go, their warm connection to Australia supports discussions and nurtures relationships.

The Alumni Award recognises innovative and influential leaders who are significantly shifting the needle in their respective countries. Do you know anyone whose work deserves to be recognised? Nominations for 2023 are open until March 20th! You can find more info and make your submission here.

Past Alumni winners include entrepreneurs, researchers and leading advocates for rights. Meet our Alumni GameChangers from 2012-2021 and from 2022 and get to know the difference they make in the world.
Our Frequently Asked Questions are here to help answer any questions you may have about the nomination process and the selection criteria for this award.