Companies from Bunnings to Telstra redraw battle-lines in Australia’s talent war

Australia faces a skills shortage of about 500,000 workers. Advance chief executive Johanna Pitman said unless Australian businesses are “proactive and creative” in how they secure talent, the shortfall in skills will put significant pressure on growth, productivity and innovation in 2023.

Ms Pitman said companies should pounce on the Christmas and new year break and tap into the 30,000 skilled Australians who return home each year during the holiday period.

“We need to expand our focus beyond seeking more skilled worker visas and look at the remarkable Australian citizens who live and work overseas as a way of propelling our economy forward,” Ms Pitman said, adding managers could meet with expats informally.

“Expats come home in their thousands over Christmas — with their boardies and beachwear, not suits. They have valuable insights, expertise and experience that can help solve these challenges.”

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