Commentary: ‘A Second Chance: How Team Australia can Succeed in Asia’ – Report

By Johanna Pitman, CEO

The report, a joint project by the Asia Society and Business Council’s Asia Taskforce, with knowledge partners PwC Australia and the University of Sydney Business School, provides a blueprint for Australia to successfully compete in the region.

The richness of Australia is not just in our minerals and resources, but the diversity and dynamism of our people. The recently released report by AsiaSociety reveals that Australia has a unique talent and leadership pool – Asian-Australian and diaspora communities – that is chronically under-engaged in our pursuit of greater economic engagement with the region.

The report reviews the Taskforce’s Discussion Paper A Forgotten Advantage: Enabling Australia’s Asian-Australian and Diaspora Communities for our thinking on Asian-Australian and diaspora leadership, talent and contribution to Australia’s engagement with the region. This paper recommends the development of an Australia diaspora policy to develop a vision for a more connected global Australian community and recognise the important contribution they make while abroard and upon their return home with valuable new skills. The elements of such policy would include success stories and active promotion of initiatives such as the Advance Awards and the launching of a national campaign showcasing success stories of the Australian diaspora and explaining why the country needs to better leverage it.

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