#BornGlobal Coffee Pods: Dr Abigail Allwood

LISTEN > From Life as a Scientist to Life on Mars with NASA’s Dr Abigail Allwood

Advance is launching the #bornglobal Coffee Pods podcast series hosted by Holly Ransom. In this first episode we are joined by NASA’s Dr Abigail Allwood as she lands the Perseverance Rover on Mars in real-time. Listen to this personal interview with an Australian trailblazer.

Dr Abigail Allwood is not only the first Australian but the first female to lead a Mars mission! As the principal investigator of the most complex mission NASA has ever sent to the Red Planet, Perseverance is specifically tasked with answering the question of whether life ever existed on a planet other than Earth. As an Advance Award winner, Abigail is driven by a passion for science. From her home in California, she wonders how ‘thinking like a scientist’ can open our minds and reduce our biased worldview right now. Abigail also ponders what we can do to get more girls to imagine having a global (or interplanetary) career in STEM.