#BornGlobal Coffee Pods: Professor Bryan Gaensler

LISTEN > A hunter of dying stars and an advocate of diverse thinking, Professor Bryan Gaensler grapples with the enormity of unanswered questions

Professor Bryan Gaensler has stars in his eyes. Literally. Internationally recognised for his groundbreaking work on dying stars, interstellar magnets and cosmic explosions,  it’s hard not to rediscover the wonderment of the galactic sky listening to Bryan. Living in Toronto with a  wife who forgives his midnight scribblings and constant curiosity for the magnetism of the universe, Bryan reflects on success, hard work and serendipity. 

Bryan realised at five that there were questions even his parents didn’t know the answers to, and decided to become an Astronomer. He worked hard to back up his choice, but he now recognises that others work just as hard and are not afforded such choice. Bryan believes diversity of minds is critical to understanding the universe, and he is rethinking the way we select, support and skill up underrepresented scientists. Are you intentional in ‘becoming the network’ for those who need you? Find out more about this lively Australian committed to asking the big questions of the world around us.