#BornGlobal Coffee Pods: Dr Susan Graham

LISTEN > Dr Susan Graham asks ‘What’s next? How can we change carbon markets?’

In our latest #bornglobal Coffee Pods we ask ‘What does regreening the planet with tech look like?’ According to our guest Dr Susan Graham, we can restore 500 billion trees by 2060. Listen in to this extraordinary conversation with young Australian entrepreneur and Advance Award winner, hosted by Holly Ransom.

Dr Susan Graham is intent on tackling the biggest challenges of our day. Learn how her young team of audacious problem-solvers maintain an attitude of persistent positivity while staring down our planet’s dramatic loss of biodiversity, and two billion hectares of degraded land. Dr Graham sees this mass degradation as an enormous opportunity. She is intent on solving for the mismatch of scale when it comes to rate of degradation to rate of restoration.

An entrepreneur from a young age, Susan has learnt to balance urgent action with deep thinking. Studying both medicine and engineering, she says “I wanted to scale beyond my hands.” Where engineering has enabled scalable impact – Dendra became not only the first company to ever plant trees with drones, but as well, to dare to undertake species level analytics of complex biodiverse ecosystems – Australian directness means the team get to the nub of the matter really quickly. There is a compelling tenacity to Susan’s confidence to ask ‘What’s next? How can we change carbon markets?’ for example.

We hope you enjoy this conversation with Dr Susan Graham, and clearly hear her call to action to know that today is our day. Now is the time. The need for each of us to play our best game is urgent.