Born Global: Returning to Australia

Returning home for a holiday is one thing, but returning home permanently after living overseas is another. Those of us who choose to return home, do so for a plethora of reasons, be it lifestyle, family or career opportunities. When we decide to make the big move home, we bring with us an incredible breadth of skills, insights and networks, that are invaluable to enhancing Australian companies and industries. Many of us have learned new business models, new social and political systems, new techniques, and the intricacies of how institutions, companies, creative enterprises and nonprofits operate in other parts of the world. We also bring with us time spent in different cultures which can only be of value to our home country.

It’s no secret that the lifestyle in Australia is inimitable, its capital cities consistently being voted some of the most livable in the world. However, acclimatising to a different culture or environment, no matter how familiar, isn’t always easy. 

We spoke to some of global Australians who have or are about to move home after working in international cities, and how valuable their experiences abroad have been, and how they’ve found the experience.

Meet our members who have returned home