Born Global: October 2021

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We couldn’t help but get excited with last week’s space flight of Advance board member, Dr Chris Boshuizen, alongside William Shatner. And we know there are more than a few Star Trek fans in the Advance community! Each year the Advance Awards uncover more experts on astronomy, astrobiology, and space-related fields than would seem possible for a country of Australia’s size. 

So it’s fitting that this year’s Town Hall focuses on Space, to update you on Australia’s rapidly growing space industry and to bring Australia decision-makers together with Australian space pioneers who are based overseas. You can sign up now for this informative, interactive and inspiring (free) virtual event. 

Not to forget the opportunities in other industries, we are pleased to share advice from a recent #CoffeeHour about seeking board roles in Australia. 

Speaking of boards, we are delighted to welcome the esteemed diplomat, Gary Quinlan AO to the Advance board. And sadly we farewell Richard Umbers from the board and wish him well in his new Trans-Tasman role as CEO of Ryman Healthcare.

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Yasmin Allen
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journey to space

Advance Board member and 2014 Overall Advance Award Winner, Dr Chris Boshuizen, recently traveled to space with Blue Origin. Hear him discuss his emotional journey to space, from the preparation and take off to the moment he saw the Earth from space and went zero gravity for the first time. More


Advance Award Winner 2015 Prof Carolyn McGregor’s data relay satellite with CommStar Space Communications will improve live communications between the Moon and the Earth. She’s also part of the ISS human health space mission, to reduce health risks for space travellers and improve the well-being of people on Earth.


Australia’s recent deal with NASA to launch an Australian-made rover to the Moon, is prompting Advance Award Winner 2019 Adam Gilmour of Gilmour Space Technologies, to bid to provide the launch rocket. The positive ramifications of having both the lunar rover and the rocket made in Australia will stretch far beyond the space industry. More


Advance Emerging Leader Award Winner 2021 Andrea Boyd, shares all about her role as Deputy Lead of Astronaut Operations at the European Space Agency, and how you can transform any career into a stellar space career, in Episode 2 of the latest series of the #BornGlobal podcasts. You can also watch the interview here.


Prof Bryan Gaensler, Advance Awards Finalist 2020 and Director of the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Toronto, discusses his latest research into ‘fast radio bursts’ – random flashes of radio waves from different directions all over the sky that are completely baffling astronomers, and the issues of collecting data every second. More


What are cyber hackers up to now, how exposed is your organisation to the activities of cyber hackers and how can ‘hide’ from them? Longtime Advance supporter Internet 2.0, helps businesses answer all cyber security questions in this event – part of Spark Festival that runs until October 28th. More


Many Advance members consider joining a governance or advisory board of an Australian firm when returning to Australia, or while working overseas. Advisory board expert Anne Hatton from Hattonneale, gives us a snapshot of the board environment in Australia. More


Have you had a chance to look at the Advance jobs board yet? We have job listings across hundreds of disciplines, to help you make that jump to come to Australia or move overseas. You can also filter your search by the type of work (e.g. full time, freelance, etc) or use keywords to find your perfect fit! More