Born Global: July 2021

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The long-awaited Tokyo Olympics have kicked off, and with the exciting news that Brisbane will hold the 2032 Olympics, we are getting into the spirit with this sports-themed edition. The timing is perfect for those in Australia, with an especially captive audience with over half the country in lockdown. 

The importance of sports goes far beyond professional athletes and national rivalries. Recreational sports are a great way to get involved in a new community and maintain Australian ties – for me, joining a motley crew of touch football players each Sunday afternoon at MIT was a staple throughout my years living in Boston. The Postcard from Paul O’Keeffe shows how ‘footy’ has been a powerful medium to share Aussie culture and engage with the local community. To help you find and share any activities that are popular with Australians, we have listed a range of sports and clubs around the world. 

We share the success of three indigenous athletes on the world stage, poignantly coinciding with NAIDOC Week. We also show how innovation in professional sports can translate into healthcare advancements for a range of patients, as shown in the presentation by Advance Award winner, David Putrino.

For inspiration beyond the sporting field, Advance long-time supporter and Awards judge, Andrew Liveris AO, serves a powerful roadmap for Australia’s economic future. Calling out the value of the Advance community, he concludes, “Now, more than ever, we need to rally and reset the Australian economy so that it becomes one that is respectful of the environment, one that draws on the talent, ingenuity and determination of all its people. One that creates opportunities for and with our young people.”  We couldn’t agree more.  

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It was a proud NAIDOC week for Australia as First Nation athletes achieved global success. Ash Barty was crowned Wimbledon champion, basketball player Patty Mills will be the first Indigenous Olympic flag-bearer, and Tai Tuivasa recorded his third straight victory at UFC 264 in Las Vegas. More


Dr David Putrino, Advance Global Australian Award and Healthcare Award Winner 2019, is the Director of Rehabilitation Innovation at Mount Sinai Health System in New York (among many other things). In this presentation, he discusses how we can use sports rehabilitation methods to not only rehabilitate, but amplify the performance of athletes. More


Get to know the amazing athletes representing Australia in the green and gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. We have some incredible and diverse talent, with our youngest competitor coming in at only 17 years old, and the most First Nations athletes ever to be selected for the team. We also have 12 Olympians competing in the new sports of skateboarding, karate, sport climbing and surfing.  More


Advance Awards judge, global business leader, manufacturing expert and author of ‘Make It In America’, Andrew Liveris AO, shared his valuable insights into innovation and the future for Australia in an evidence-rich and landmark speech at Sydney University. More


Advance member Paul O’Keeffe founded the United States Australian Football League (USAFL) in 1997, bringing Australian culture to America through sport. Now with over 60 male and female teams, it’s the largest weekend footy tournament in the world (including Australia!). He shares the importance of community camaraderie and the influence of the Aussie spirit. More


Looking to participate in community sport? is building a list of major and minor sports clubs and networks around the world so you can play wherever you are. Community sport can be a great way to meet new people and engage with community in a quintessentially Australian way! More


New York’s Australians will fire up the BBQ in Prospect Park, Brooklyn on August 7 from 12-5pm. We’re teaming up with Australian Women in New YorkAmerican Australian Association and America Josh to enable Australians in NYC to come together. Tickets have unfortunately sold out – but you can still put your name on the waitlist! More


Have you explored the Advance job boards on our website yet? You can search for vacancies all over the world, across hundreds of professions. You can even adjust the type of employment you’re looking for if your schedule does not allow for full time work. If you’re looking for a job – we suggest you start here!  More