Born Global: April 2022

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With our much-anticipated Sustainability Town Hall coming up on 11 May, this newsletter focuses on what Advance members are doing around sustainability and the environment. This is particularly timely with action on climate change being a defining issue in the Federal election on 21 May.

Our recently published Advance Survey results suggest 37% of Global Australians intend to vote in this election – if that includes you, check out the AEC to confirm your enrolment (by 18 April!) and find your nearest polling booth. Coverage of the Advance Survey by The Australian highlighted two more findings – 23% of returned expats are working remotely for an overseas employer; and Australian employers need to proactively engage earlier with Aussie expats if they want to secure the right talent.

For those looking to support the plight of Ukrainians, long-time Advance member and passionate volunteer, Catherine Goodwin-Garcia has pulled together eminent musicians for a special tribute concert on April 27th in Sydney. If you can’t attend, you can still donate to the cause to deliver much-needed aid to Ukraine. 

Finally, we were *at last* able to bring together the Advance community last month – for the annual Celebration Dinner on 23 March (check out the pictures!) and the GameChanger Forum on 22 March. To connect with fellow Aussies this month, check out the many ANZAC day events being held around the globe.

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Join the Global Town Hall on Sustainability on 11 May from 10am to 11:30am AEST. Register now (it’s free!) for this thought-provoking event, with contributions from Advance GameChangers and industry experts such as Saul GriffithCaroline Angoorly, and Nicole IseppiMore


On the eve of the much-awaited Celebration Dinner, Advance hosted former Award winners and finalists  for a GameChanger Forum on critical opportunities beyond Australia’s borders. Many GameChangers also contributed their insights on the question of opportunities for Australia in the post-pandemic era, published here.  


Freya Harding, is currently in Melbourne as Development Coordinator at Climateworks, an organisation that aims to accelerate the transition to net zero emissions, and has international experience in New Zealand, the UK, Europe, and Latin America. Freya discusses her global experiences, and reflects on lessons learnt from the Advance NextGen Program. More


Advance Emerging Leader Award Winner 2020 Dr Susan Graham is using data-driven technology, such as drones and AI to provide critical environmental insights and action. Advance partner Austrade‘s recent case study on her work explains how using technology is key to saving global ecosystems, and how crucial Australia has been in creating and growing Dendra SystemsMore


AFR BOSS’ Sally Patten sat down with Alastair Symington, returned expat (with experience in Dubai, Singapore, Europe and China) and CEO of Blackmores. He discusses Blackmores’ goal of reaching one billion consumers in five years through global outreach, how consumer behaviour disrupted supply chains as a result of COVID, and Australia’s trade relationship with China. More


Are you an Australian overseas looking to commemorate ANZAC Day? We listed plenty of international events and services all around the world, so you can participate in this significant day with fellow Aussies! Locations include Stockholm, Vancouver, Boston, and many more. You can partake in memorial services, celebrate the Australian spirit, hear from speakers and meet Aussies near you. More


With the world feeling as though it is returning to a new kind of normal, with borders opening and global movement increasing, many Australians are choosing to return home as well as to go overseas. No matter which situation applies to you, our jobs board has vacancies for all and is updated weekly, so be sure to check back frequently! More