Rosemary Morrow

Food & Agriculture Award Winner 2017
ADVANCE FOOD AND AGRICULTURE AWARD WINNER 2017 I became aware half way through my PDC with Robyn Francis that permaculture was what had been lacking in my work in ‘developing’ countries such as India and Lesotho where I had worked in agriculture.

Russell Howard

Overall Award Winner 2013
Biotechnology Award Winner 2013

Dedicated his career to life sciences and biotechnology to generate valuable products in medicine, diagnostics, agriculture and chemicals manufacture locally to feed a virtuous cycle of expanded Life Sciences innovation and commercialisation.

Sam Levy

Commercial Creatives Award Winner 2021
Sam Levy is the Managing Partner of Trumper Park, a New York based theatrical production and consulting firm.

Saul Griffith

Advanced Manufacturing Award Winner 2012

Founder and Principal Scientist at Other Lab, where he focuses his work on engineering solutions for energy production and efficiency.

Scott Farquhar

Global Impact Award Winner 2015
ADVANCE GLOBAL IMPACT AWARD WINNER 2015 Scott Farquhar is the co-founder and co‐CEO of Atlassian, a leading enterprise software company that powers more than 25,000 companies to build better software.

Sekai Holland

Alumni Award Winner 2014
ADVANCE ALUMNI AWARD WINNER 2014 “Senator Holland has dedicated her life to campaigning for human rights, democracy and the empowerment of women both in Australia and around the globe.

Simone Young AM

Australian Global Icon Award Winner 2021
Australian-born Simone Young is internationally recognised as one of the leading conductors of her generation, and is regularly invited by the world’s leading orchestras and major opera houses across Europe, the United States and Asia.

Siobhan Reddy

Commercial Creatives Award Winner 2015
ADVANCE COMMERCIAL CREATIVES AWARD WINNER 2015 Siobhan Reddy is Studio Director at Media Molecule, the band of creative minds behind the hugely successful and innovative LittleBigPlanet game franchise.

Sophie Blackall

Australian Global Icon Award Winner 2020
Social Impact Award Finalist 2020

An Australian icon in the world of Children’s Books, Sophie Blackall creates places to escape to during stormy times, and return from wiser, calmer and changed. Needless to say, her work is relevant to children and adults alike in modern times.

Sotheary Ly

Social Impact Award Winner 2013

Sotheary Ly is the Executive Director of Healthcare Center for Children, an organisation dedicated to woman’s and child’s rights, through prevention and protection.

Tan Le

Science & Technology Award Winner 2012

Tan Le Co-founded Emotiv, in 2003 and serves as its President. Ms. Le is a technology entrepreneur.

Thomas Oxley

Overall Award Winner 2018
Life Sciences Award Winner 2018
ADVANCE GLOBAL AUSTRALIAN AWARD WINNER 2018ADVANCE LIFE SCIENCES AWARD WINNER 2018 When it comes to Dr Thomas Oxley’s work, imagine a digital spinal cord that streams your thoughts.

Tim Kentley Klay

Overall Award Winner 2020
Commercial Creatives Award Winner 2020

Tim Kentley Klay is a creative and technical entrepreneur. He describes himself as a painter, designer, animator, film-maker, trouble-maker and thinker.

Vikram Mehta

ICT Award Winner 2014
ADVANCE ICT AWARD WINNER 2014 “Vikram is a unique candidate for this prestigious award as he is one of those rare individuals who has achieved success on a global stage, as a corporate executive and as an entrepreneur in the ICT industry.

Yijia Li

Asia Impact Award Winner 2019
ADVANCE ASIA IMPACT AWARD WINNER 2019ADVANCE ASIA ADVISORY COMMITTEE Yijia Li graduated from Tsinghua University in 2009 as a distinguished student majoring in Biology and received a double degree in Economics at Peking University.
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