Angelica Mesiti

The Arts Award Winner 2019
ADVANCE ARTS AWARD WINNER 2019 Angelica lives and works between Paris and Sydney.

Brook Andrew

The Arts Award Winner 2018
ADVANCE ARTS AWARD WINNER 2018 Brook Andrew is an interdisciplinary artist who examines dominant narratives, often relating to colonialism and modernist histories.

Christopher Doyle

The Arts Award Winner 2020

Christopher Doyle is an award-winning cinematographer. Works like Chungking Express and In the Mood for Love have been met with international critical acclaim, and have found a firm footing in Chinese cinema and international cinema in the West.

Lynette Wallworth

The Arts Award Winner 2016
ADVANCE ARTS AWARD WINNER 2016 Lynette Wallworth is an Australian artist whose immersive video installations and film works reflect on the connections between people and the natural world.

Pallavi Sharda

The Arts Award Winner 2021
Pallavi Sharda is an award-winning Bollywood and Hollywood actor, dancer and speaker.

Tara June Winch

The Arts Award Winner 2022
Wiradjuri author, Tara June Winch, is one of the greats of contemporary Australian literature.