Dr Aihua Wang

Asia Impact Award Winner 2013
Sustainability Award Winner 2013

Dr Jianhua Zhao and Dr Aihua Wang have dedicated their remarkable careers to the advancement of solar cell technologies.

Dr Bart Kolodziejczyk OAM

Sustainability Award Winner 2020

Dr Bart Kolodziejczykis a nanoscientist and inventor intent on busting his brilliance out of the lab and into the world of commercialisation. Bart is addressing health, energy and climate change issues by innovating new technologies.

Dr Darian McBain

Sustainability Award Winner 2021
Dr Darian McBain is a sustainable ocean economy advocate. She is the Global Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Thai Union, a multi-billion dollar listed seafood producer in Bangkok.

Hugh Whalan

Sustainability Award Winner 2019
ADVANCE SUSTAINABILITY AWARD WINNER 2019 Hugh is passionate about the use of innovative business models to solve the world’s big problems. 

Jianhua Zhao

Asia Impact Award Winner 2013
Sustainability Award Winner 2013

Working with his wife he made remarkable advances in solar cell technologies, and prices continue to drop.

Nicole Rycroft

Sustainability Award Winner 2022
Nicole Rycroft has been transforming unsustainable supply chains to save the world’s forests for over two decades.

Pete Ceglinski

Sustainability Award Winner 2018
ADVANCE SUSTAINABILITY AWARD WINNER 2018 Surfer and industrial designer Pete Ceglinski has been around the ocean his entire life and in 2014, with the mission to have pollution free oceans for future generations, he started the Seabin Project – a revolution to clean up our oceans’ pollution through a floating rubbish bin designed to catch rubbish, oil, fuel, detergent and micro plastics down to 2mm in size operating 24/7.