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Alexie Seller

Social Impact Award Winner 2018
Renewable energy entrepreneur Alexie Seller lives in Bangalore in India, where she co-founded the social enterprise Pollinate Energy, bringing life-changing sustainable products such as solar powered lights, water purifiers, clean cookstoves and mosquito nets to families in India’s urban slums and Nepal’s rural communities.

Alison Thompson

Social Impact Award Winner 2016
Dr/Ambassador Alison Thompson is a full time global humanitarian volunteer. Her work started on the Sept 11th 2001 attacks in New York, where she rollerbladed downtown to help as a first responder.

Andrew Harper

Social Impact Award Winner 2017
Andrew Harper has been working with refugees since the 1990s when he worked in Turkey during the first gulf war for UNHCR.

Brett Solomon

Social Impact Award Winner 2013
“Through his organisation Access, Brett is on the cutting edge of this topic.

Hugh Evans

Social Impact Award Winner 2015
Hugh Evans is an Australian humanitarian and internationally renowned development advocate.

Jeremy Heimans

Social Impact Award Winner 2012
As co-founder and CEO of, Jeremy’s work has literally mobilised millions of citizens and consumers to help solve major global problems.

Nicholas Wyman

Social Impact Award Winner 2020

For the past 25 years, Nicholas Wyman has sought novel ways to connect youth with the jobs of the future. Nicholas believes the ‘learn by doing’ approach has much to offer in a new world order straddling the faultlines of a ‘skills mismatch’.

Prue Clarke

Social Impact Award Winner 2014
“New Narrative has been Prue’s brainchild and has really taken off. 

Richard Fuller

Social Impact Award Winner 2019
Richard Fuller, is an Australian-born, U.S.-based engineer, entrepreneur and environmentalist best known for his work on global pollution issues.

Sotheary Ly

Social Impact Award Winner 2013
“Already a role model for young women in Cambodia, Sotheary has great potential to be an Australian global role model, representing the best of multicultural Australia.