Daria Rippingale

Financial Services Award Winner 2019
ADVANCE FINANCIAL SERVICES AWARD WINNER 2019 Daria is Chief Executive Officer at Bankingblocks, a European wholesale banking and payment provider, serving global fintech and payment companies.

Geraldine Buckingham

Financial Services Award Winner 2018
ADVANCE FINANCIAL SERVICES AWARD WINNER 2018 A Rhodes Scholar who studied at Oxford, Dr Geraldine Buckingham is the youngest BlackRock executive reporting directly to CEO Larry Fink – tasked with long-term strategic thinking at the world’s largest asset manager.

James Gorman

Financial Services Award Winner 2015
ADVANCE FINANCIAL SERVICES AWARD WINNER 2015 James P. Gorman (born July 14, 1958, in Melbourne, Australia) joined Morgan Stanley in February 2006 as the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Global Wealth Management Group (GWMG).

Jane Sloane

Financial Services Award Winner 2012
ADVANCE FINANCIAL SERVICES AWARD WINNER 2012 Jane has long been committed to making a difference in the social sector, holding executive positions in organisations such as World Vision, Marie Stopes International, International Women’s Development Agency, and the Social Entrepreneurs Network, where she was the founding CEO. 

Jeni Klugman

Financial Services Award Winner 2013
ADVANCE FINANCIAL SERVICES AWARD WINNER 2013 “Jeni is well respected as a development thinker and practitioner; she demonstrates leadership and is innovative in her approach to issues; and she is making major contributions to development.

Jennifer Nason

Financial Services Award Winner 2020

Jennifer Nason is considered one of Australia’s most successful global business leaders and one of the most senior and influential women on Wall Street. She attributes her career trajectory to a willingness to live outside her comfort zone, a love of constant learning and calculated risk.

Jeremy Balkin

Overall Award Winner 2017
Financial Services Award Winner 2017

Karyl Nairn

Financial Services Award Winner 2014
ADVANCE FINANCIAL SERVICES AWARD WINNER 2014 Karyl Nairn, Queens Counsel (QC), was born in Perth and is a graduate of the University of Western Australia.

Peter Hall

Financial Services Award Winner 2013
ADVANCE FINANCIAL SERVICES AWARD WINNER 2013 “Peter presents a model of how a business can effectively engage with the important environmental issues of our day, not only to fulfil the basics of corporate social responsibility but truly to make a difference in the world.

Rebecca Mann

Financial Services Award Winner 2016
ADVANCE FINANCIAL SERVICES AWARD WINNER 2016 Rebecca Mann is a Senior Program Officer in the Financial Services for the Poor team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.