$420M solar power plant for Victoria

A $420 million large-scale solar power plant - the biggest and most efficient solar photovoltaic power station in the world - is to be built in north-west Victoria.

Australian company Solar Systems will demonstrate its unique, world leading design incorporating space technology in a 154MW solar power station connected to the national grid. 

The power station will use high performance solar cells originally developed to power satellites. Solar Systems has developed the capability to concentrate the sun by 500 times onto the solar cells for ultra high power output.

The Victorian power station will generate clean electricity directly from the sun to meet the annual needs of over 45,000 homes with zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Features of the Solar Systems Generation plant

  • Construction in three stages, over six years to be completed by 2013
  • A total cost of $420 million, with the Victorian Government providing $50 million and a $75 million contribution from the Commonwealth
  • Two component manufacturing plants to supply the power station
  • The creation of up to 950 jobs during construction 50 on-going jobs during the plant''s operation
Reduction of Victoria''s greenhouse gas emissions by 396,000 tonnes a year.
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