Julia Gillard on female leadership, women in politics, and working overseas

WATCH > A conversation with the Hon. Julia Gillard AC and Advance Ambassador Emeritus Josephine Linden Ambassador Emeritus in the United States of America Josephine Linden, recently spoke with the 27th Prime Minister of Australia and Past Advance Patron the Hon. Julia Gillard AC, on Australians abroad and words of wisdom to the next generation of women leaders.

Advance had the chance to interview Julia Gillard in light of the launch in the United States of her book “Women and Leadership”. Josephine Linden gained an early preview of the book, and praised it for being a primer for all –men and women, on how to be a good leader.

The rich conversation covers everything from leadership challenges for women at the top of their game to advice on how to nurture networks for talented young women. Reflecting Advance and our professional network of global Australians, Josephine sought Julia’s insight on her time working overseas and the advantages that the former Prime Minister gained from working abroad.

In this interview Julia also defines what power means to her, why she wanted to be a leader, and her optimism about the next generation of women leaders. We also learn what was behind “the most unforgettable TV moment”, and the reasons that drove the then Prime Minister to make her 2012 Parliamentary speech on misogyny –introduced to the next generation as a viral social media clip. You can watch the full interview here.