Advance #BornGlobal S2 Ep8: Dr Stephen Hicks

In this podcast series, Season 2 shines a spotlight on the outstanding finalists and awardees from the Global Australian Awards 2022, who are making a substantial impact around the world. These inspiring GameChangers generously share the story of their international career journey with us, the highlights and challenges, and what motivates them in their work. We celebrate their optimism, creativity and resourcefulness to succeed across the globe.

Season 1 of the #BornGlobal GameChanger podcast series celebrates the GameChangers from our 2021 Awards, who are also incredibly inspiring individuals! We hope you enjoy listening to the stories of these remarkable global Australians.

In this episode, you will meet Dr Stephen Hicks, GameChanger in the Science and Healthcare category of the Global Australian Awards 2022. 

Dr Hicks is a scientist-turned-tech entrepreneur whose pioneering work is changing the lives of people living with visual impairment. An award-winning Oxford neuroscientist, Dr Hicks has spent the past decade researching and inventing at the cutting edge of medical innovation, combining neuroscience, computer vision, augmented reality and wearable technologies to launch two tech startups in this complex and critical field. As co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of OXSIGHT Ltd, he has been the technical genius behind the development of the world’s most affordable, usable and wearable smart glasses, helping improve the sight, quality of life and independence of people suffering from partial blindness. 

Hear Dr Hicks share his fascinating journey and deep satisfaction at the real impact of his latest innovation that is helping individuals with age-related macular degeneration to be able to enjoy the world around them. From being able to see their grandchildren properly for the first time, to flowers in their garden or their partner’s face after so long with vision impairment, Dr Hick’s work is revolutionising the world of non-invasive medical innovations for many types of vision impairment.

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