Advance #BornGlobal S2 Ep32: Prof Kate Manne

In this podcast series, Season 2 shines a spotlight on the outstanding finalists and awardees from the Global Australian Awards 2022, who are making a substantial impact around the world. These inspiring GameChangers generously share the story of their international career journey with us, the highlights and challenges, and what motivates them in their work. We celebrate their optimism, creativity and resourcefulness to succeed across the globe.

Season 1 of the #BornGlobal GameChanger podcast series celebrates the GameChangers from our 2021 Awards, who are also incredibly inspiring individuals! We hope you enjoy listening to the stories of these remarkable global Australians.

 In this episode, you will meet Prof Kate Manne, Emerging Leader GameChanger in the Global Australian Awards 2022. 

Professor Kate Manne is a moral philosopher, regarded as one of the world’s top thinkers in the field of feminist philosophy. A prominent writer and commentator, Prof Manne’s first book Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny was published at the height of the #MeToo movement, exploring the nature, function and persistence of misogyny. The award-winning book offered a bridge between academic analysis and the broader public discourse on vexed issues of misogyny and sexism, providing a means to inform and elevate conversations around the world on these critical topics. Her second book, Entitled: How Male Privilege Hurts Women, delved deeper into the social ills of toxic masculinity, further analysed a term she had coined in 2016, ‘himpathy’ (whereby disproportionate or inappropriate sympathy is extended to a male perpetrator over his similarly, or less privileged, female targets in cases of sexual assault, harassment, and other misogynistic behaviour) and illustrated the damaging impact of male privilege and entitlement on the lives of women and girls. Regarded as a ‘once-in-a-generation’ mind, Prof Manne’s work challenges social norms and stimulates discussion both within academic circles and broader society. 

In this interview, get an insight into how Prof Manne’s social and political commentary is challenging today’s social norms and what shapes the way we think. Prof Manne shares how her interest developed in this area from when she was a child and what being a moral philosopher looks like day to day.

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