Advance #BornGlobal S2 Ep3: Anuradha Gupta

In this podcast series, Season 2 shines a spotlight on the outstanding finalists and awardees from the Global Australian Awards 2022, who are making a substantial impact around the world. These inspiring GameChangers generously share the story of their international career journey with us, the highlights and challenges, and what motivates them in their work. We celebrate their optimism, creativity and resourcefulness to succeed across the globe.

Season 1 of the #BornGlobal GameChanger podcast series celebrates the GameChangers from our 2021 Awards, who are also incredibly inspiring individuals! We hope you enjoy listening to the stories of these remarkable global Australians.

In this episode, you will meet Anuradha Gupta, Asia Impact Awardee in the Global Australian Awards 2022. 

Anuradha Gupta is a global health leader whose work has saved the lives of millions of children in communities around the world. As Deputy CEO of Gavi, the global vaccine alliance, she led the push to identify ‘zero-dose’ children, aiming to ensure all children have access to critical immunisation and no one is left behind. Her leadership has resulted in 81% of children now having access to immunisation in Gavi-supported countries.

Hear how Ms Gupta’s work is her passion, making service to others the foundation of her work.  Ms Gupta encourages others to believe in themselves and their ability to make this world a better place for all.

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