I have self-nominated/nominated an individual for the 2021 awards, when should I receive a response?

Shorlisted nominations will hear back from April 2021. Unsuccesful nominations will be contacted from June 2021.

What are the Advance Awards?

The Advance Awards are Awards to recognise and celebrate the work of global Australians and alumni of Australian universities around the world who exhibit remarkable talent, exceptional vision and ambition at any stage of their career. Read more about our past awards here

Who can apply?

Australian citizens or Australian residents, or alumni of an Australian university who are non-Australian citizens or residents. Nominees must have lived overseas at some point in their career and must be active within their industry. Read more about eligibility here

Can I self nominate?

Yes, individuals may nominate themselves and others. Read all about how to nominate here

Can I apply if I only spent 1 year overseas?

Yes. However, your time overseas needs to be transformative to your career. On average, awards recipients have spent at least 5 years overseas which has shaped their career and success.

Can I re-nominate?

Yes! In fact, many Award winners come from nominations submitted in prior years. The Awards are highly competitive, and each year many talented individuals with impressive achievements do not progress to the final round. We encourage past nominees to re-nominate and update us on their latest accomplishments. Advance may also contact you for permission to re-nominate you for a future year. 

Who can nominate someone else for an Award?

Anyone. If you know of an outstanding Aussie who has built their career globally, don’t miss the opportunity to nominate them now.

Who are the judges?

The judges for the Advance Awards are eminent Australians. Chaired by Advance Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Ken Allen AO, the judges are chosen for their expertise, integrity, and standing in Australia and around the world. You can learn all about them here

What are the criteria?

Candidates are judged on their demonstrated leadership, vision, impact, and innovation in their field. You can read all about the selection criteria here

Can my co-founder and I be eligible for an award?

Groups of people or couples will normally not be eligible, though in exceptional cases the selection panel reserves the right to consider such nominations. 

Why can’t I see the Award categories for 2021?

Each year, we receive a large number of nominations and select winners for 10-13 categories. We have noted fluctuations in the number of nominations for different categories each year, and careers are increasingly interdisciplinary, making some extraordinary candidates appear less competitive compared to candidates that have worked in one industry. Also, categories and category names evolve over time to reflect Australia’s industry priorities. Nominations are allocated into industry/sector categories mid-way through the selection process to reduce any early bias. Some nominees may be allocated to more than one category if their career has spanned multiple sectors. Read about eligibility here

Who are the past award winners?

The Advance Award winners are global Australians and alumni of Australian universities who exhibit remarkable talent, exceptional vision and ambition, our Game Changers. You can learn more about them here

I have more questions! If so, please send any other questions to [email protected]. We will respond within two working days, and also add your question to this FAQ list.